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ORGASMAGEDDON: Rain DeGrey and Felony NEXT LIVE SHOW is the event the world has cried out in one voice to see, and now will make this once in a lifetime event a histrionic reality.

You have never witnessed anything like this, nor will you ever. Even your wildest imagination and dreams fall short of the reality we will bring you, as we totally destroy Rain DeGrey and Felony with the ultimate orgasm overload the likes the history of the human race as ever seen. This event will be the cornerstone that all future live events will weighed and measured against, and they will all be found wanting.

Join us Feb 5th, a day that will go down in the annals of human history as the day the world stopped and for one collective moment everyone was stunned to the point of total disbelief of what they witnessed. Two girls will be orgasmed non stop for about an hour at the expense of their sanity, beyond what any normal human could endure.

However these two are not normal as they have a gift or curse, and we will exploit that until both girls are reduced to a the basic level of human primality. To the very edge of consciousness, to the very edge of the void, to the edge of sanity, these two will be forced to cum, until they lose their individuality and become something processed of another reality, a reality you will witness, but will be unable to understand.

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