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Sandra Silvers totally tied up and gagged

Secretary Sandra was filing papers when she noticed something strange, the construction had been paying kick-backs to someone so that he would get the job of imploding and demolishing the current headquarters and building a new one.
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She brought this to the attention of the CEO. But instead of finding a concerned boss, he was annoyed that she figured out his plan! She was rewarded with a cloth over her mouth then everything went black. Our video picks up as Sandra is unconscious in the hallway of the abandoned building which is scheduled to be imploded today!
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She can hear the construction machines moving away and the loudspeakers announcing the countdown!! But what can she do?! She is totally tied up and gagged! an she save herself?! She uses a door jamb to get to her feet and then, starts hopping for the emergency exit (no small task in high heels!) She hops down the long winding hallway towards the emergency exit, but as she hears the loudspeaker again announcing the countdown, she knows she’ll never make it down the stairs in time. When can she do. The fire alarm! If she can set it off, maybe she can catch the attention of someone. Hopping to the alarm panel on the wall, she struggles to pull the lever… the alarm starts to sound, but will anyone notice in time?

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